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Water And Wastewater Treatment Plants

Pasco WWTP Improvements Phase 1

The Pasco WWTP project consists of improvements and modifications to the City’s existing municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) which includes furnishing all labor, materials and equipment necessary for the construction of new primary effluent structures and piping, two new aeration basins, alterations to two existing aeration basins, a blower building expansion, addition of two new blowers, modifications to two existing blowers, RAS pump system distribution improvements, a new effluent flowmeter facility, approximately 1,150 feet of new 42-inch diameter outfall piping,  new primary power switchgear, associated electrical and control systems, associated site work and yard piping, and other appurtenances.

Lewiston WWTP 2020 Improvements 

The Lewiston WWTP project is the improvements to the City of Lewiston's existing WWTP. This work includes improvements to the North Shore Pump Station, Primary Clarifiers, Primary Sludge Pumping, Aeration Basins, Blowers, RAS/WAS Pump Station, Secondary Clarifiers, Sludge Holding Tanks, Dissolved Air Flotation, and UV disinfection System. Also, the construction of a new Primary Clarifier and new Secondary clarifier were included in our scope of work. Demolition , as well as construction of concrete and masonry wall buildings, piping, electrical systems, control systems, site work, misc. appurtenant work, and installation of mechanical equipment such as pumps, grinders, washer/compactors, dissolved air flotation thickener, clarifier mechanisms, blowers, diffusers, compressors, and other miscellaneous equipment.

Pierce Water and Wastewater Improvements Phase 1

The Pierce Water and Wastewater Improvements Phase 1 project included wastewater gravity system improvements including installation of new sewer pipes and manholes. Improvements to the wastewater treatment  included a new solids dewatering facility, screw press, polymer feed system and bio-solid pumping system.  Water treatment system upgrades included a new backwash treatment system with bolted steel storage tank, gravity piping, and all appurtenances.