Brotherhood Reservoir

The Brotherhood Reservoir Project involved the construction of a new 1 MG, reinforced concrete, potable water reservoir including: site excavation, access road improvements, drain line piping, a chlorination building, potable water piping, and yard piping. 


Orofino Wixon Reservoir

The Orofino Wixon Reservoir project included the construction of a 150,000 gallon concrete reservoir, cast-in-place with associated piping valves. Work included a new water main and site electrical work.

Houser Reservoir

The Hauser Reservoir (2013) project involved constructing a new 300,000 gallon above ground cast-in-place concrete reservoir. Work included yard piping, installing a precast vault, building swales, and installing new security fencing.

Farragut Reservoir

The Farragut Reservoir Rehab Project aimed to extend the useful life of the 72 year old, 135' tall, cast-in-place concrete reservoir. The scope included removing and replacing the steel lid, removing the existing liner, applying a new CIM waterproof coating, installing new stairs and ladders, constructing a new pump house, and installing 1,200LF of water main.

Pasadena Park Reservoir

The Pasadena Water Reservoir project was a $1.7M concrete reservoir that provides 1.75 million gallons of added capacity to the Pasadena water district, from its perch on top of Beacon Hill. The procurement mechanism on this project was design/build and included the integration of the cast-in-place concrete footings, ring wall, slab and lid, pre-cast walls, columns, and hollow core plank. The challenges posed by this hybrid design added to the challenges of a steep and rocky site.