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Bridges and Tunnels

U of I Tunnels

The U of I Tunnels project was two separate jobs both located under U of I. Our first job was a tunnel located at 7th & Line St. and we made minor repairs to the tunnel lid in this area. Our role was to fix 3 spots that were of concern while keeping the existing rebar intact. Our other project was outside Renfrew Hall, this project was a complete replacement of the tunnel lid.

Moscow US-95 Bridges

The Moscow US-95 Bridges project was constructing over 5 miles of 4 lane highway south of Moscow. Our role in this project was the construction of two 318 LF steel Bridges with concrete decks and parapet over Eid Road. 

Triangle Truss Pedestrian Bridge

The Triangle Truss Bridge project was the improvements of one of the pedestrian bridges in River Front Park in Spokane, WA. The improvements consisted of approximately 3440 square feet of bridge deck replacement with Ekki Wood and other related miscellaneous items.