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Boundary Dam Rock Slope Stabilization

The Boundary Dam Right Abutment - Level 6 Bridge Rock Slope Stabilization project consisted of a phased approach to stabilizing the two rock blocks supporting an adjacent area of the level 6 bridge deck and pier. Phase 1 involved a temporary stabilization system consisting of cable lashing and mesh. The purpose of Phase 1 is to improve the stability of the rock mass enough to allow limited access to the level 6 bridge end span and for drilling directly through the rock block for installation of the long-term stabilization system. Phase 2 involved the long-term stabilization system consisting of post-tensioned tieback anchors. 

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Boundary Dam Spillway #1

The Boundary Dam Spillway No.1  project included the installation of fabricated Stainless Steel energy dissipaters with cementitious grout placed within them. These 'flip buckets' were post-tensioned into the existing concrete spillway channel and underlying rock. Clearwater's scope included deep rock and concrete drilling/anchoring, concrete core drilling, concrete saw cutting, shop and field welding, and placement of pressurized cement grout. Work also included constructing and maintaining a containment system for spills, silt, drill cuttings and grouting during construction. 

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Boundary Dam Spillway #2

The Boundary Dam Spillway No. 2 Total Dissolved Gas Modifications project involved installing nine stainless steel clad concrete blocks in the in the spillway to dissipate energy and reduce the entrained air in the plunge pool below the dam. Each block had a single 9" diameter hole drilled below it, with an 80' long post-tensioned tendon installed into the bedrock. 

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